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About Mark Trueman WSC MAMCST

After graduating from a four year course in Oxford; I then practiced in a private clinic in Oxfordshire for a year, before returning to my home town of Totnes. I have worked in and around Totnes for the last twenty two years and I am now running a clinic at Bank lane, Totnes.

I enjoy a wide range of physical activities, including weight lifting and sea kayaking. I am involved in coaching powerlifting and have a keen interest in diet and nutrition.

McTimoney Corley spinal therapy is a method of restoring health by the gentle corrective manipulation of the spine, pelvis and joints.

Therapists are trained to assess bone misalignments, joint dysfunction & muscle tension. These problems are treated using highly refined and gentle manipulations thereby promoting proper nerve function, improved mobility & pain relief.

Joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage & other low impact techniques may be employed to fascilitate correct function and healing.

Exercises & advice will be given in order to help avoid a recurrence of the problem.